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Giving Kids the Knowledge to Stay Safe
The Importance of Having A Well Stocked HOME Emergency Kit. (it's not overkill and here's why...)
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Dressing For Cold Weather Play...The Importance of Layers
During the cold weather months, it is important to dress your child safely and properly so they stay warm.  The most important word in the above sentence is “properly.”
How Prepared Are You For Emergencies of ANY Kind?
Being prepared is more than just a Boy Scout motto.  It's something that could mean the difference between a major injury or fatality and staying safe. Whether it's having a well stocked first aid kit or knowing how to deal with weather emergencies like Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Snow/Ice storms.  Safety isn't just about major things though...Teaching your kids to be safe while they're playing outside or at a friend's house is just as important and sadly, not taught nearly enough.  Below is some information that can provide you with the strategies and supplies needed to deal with common emergencies that can occur. Check back often, as we will  be adding to this regularly for you.
Car Seat Safety Check List...Is your child's car seat properly installed?
Your First Aid Kit...Why Everyone Should Have One (or even two...)
What's In Your CAR Emergency Kit? (You DO Have One, Right?)
Cooking Safely With Children
Click Here for Funs Recipes, Cooking Safety Tips and More!